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Consultation & Education

Medical/Nursing Consultation and Education

Vaishnavas CARE can assist you and your loved one in the following ways:

- Through E-mail, Phone, or Skype communication we can answer your questions or concerns related to your care or the care of a terminally ill friend or loved one.

- We can provide Information on end-of-life pain and symptom management.

- We can provide Information on possible side effects of medications and complementary therapies often used in hospice care. 

- We will assist you with finding a hospice agency near you. We will help walk you through the process of signing you or a loved one onto a hospice program. Also, we will help you to understand the difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care.

– Our Vaishnavas CARE volunteers, where available, can provide you with in-person visits for Emotional and Spiritual Support and practical care. If you are a caregiver who needs some respite (rest or a "break"), our volunteers may even provide you with visits so you can take a couple of hours to rest or simply leave the situation to get some well-deserved time off. Even from afar, our volunteers are available to offer their emotional and spiritual support to you, the caregiver, over the phone, via Skype calls, or to encourage you via emails and texts. Our team members are available to assist you with their kindness and support even from across the globe.

Do you need someone to talk to while you are caring for your terminally ill loved one or friend? Are you anticipating your loved one’s imminent death and wish you had someone to confide in regarding your sad feelings? Did you recently lose a loved one or friend and wish you had someone you can speak with who will be understanding and compassionate?  Whether you require someone to speak with regarding “Anticipatory Grief” before your loved one’s departure OR you need someone to speak with after your loss, our volunteers are trained to listen — and to keep confidentiality. We are here to help you! 

In addition, Vaishnavas CARE now has a Grief Support Group on our Facebook Page at "Vaishnavas CARE." You can join our CLOSED, confidential Support Group at our Vaishnavas CARE Facebook Page to connect with other worshipers of Lord Krishna from around the world. Our Support Group members are also grieving a loss in their lives and would like to communicate with you to gain strength and give and receive care from one another. Please visit our Facebook page and decide if our Grief Support Group may be of assistance to you at your difficult time of loss. Whether you are grieving a recent loss or you have unresolved grief from a past loss, we hope to see you in our Vaishnavas CARE Grief Support Group Forum. Thank you! 

– Have you or someone dear to you been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness?


Would you or your loved one like to live the last months of your life in the Holy Land of Vrindavan, India? We can assist you with information about the Bhaktivedanta Hospice in Vrindavan, India. When arrangements are to be made for admission into the hospice we can help you to contact the administration.


The Bhaktivedanta Hospice in Vrindavana, India, a 40,000 square foot facility for terminally ill patients who wish to spend their final months in the Holy Dhama. 

Please watch the following videos about the Bhaktivedanta Hospice in the Holy Dhama of Vrindavan.

Thank you!


For more information on starting a Vaishnavas Care Team in your community, please read the article on this website called, “Step-by-Step: How to Start a Vaishnavas Care Team in Your Community." After reading the article, if have any questions, kindly write to Sangita Devi Dasi at "Contact Us." Thank you. 

–The book, “The Final Journey–Complete Hospice Care for Departing Vaishnavas” (Torchlight Publishing) written by Sangita Devi Dasi (Susan Pattinson, RN, CHPN) is available at this site on our Store Page.  “The Final Journey” has been a necessary resource for caregivers around the world for over 20 years. Now in its second, updated edition, you can read in detail all of the information you will need to care for your loved one or friend. This easy-to-use guide will walk you through your caregiving journey with confidence!

To order your copy of The Final Journey -- Complete Hospice Care for Departing Vaishnavas (Torchlight Publishing), please visit our "Store Page." Thank you. 

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